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Thanks for 2018 — and on to 2019!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the summer 2018 launch of The Haught Corner a success beyond anything I could have imagined. So many of you generously donated their time and expertise to make this thing go!

The interviews have been great, and the friendships made have been even better.

And there will be even more cool stuff in 2019!

I still have a number of interviews to do, and occasional commentaries to write and voice. And I’m still working in tandem with Larry Dierker to produce a book about the 1987 Salt Lake Trappers and their 29-game winning streak. That project has slowed things down at THC for a little while, but rest assured, the site will be bigger and more diverse come New Year’s Day and beyond.

We’re even going multimedia, a little bit.

Baseball Library: The Lost Episodes I recently did a comprehensive inventory of The Baseball Library, which was a series of several-hundred “short takes” of 3-4 minutes each about baseball history. The aforementioned Mr. Dierker wrote and voiced these popular shows during his years as an Astros broadcaster.

During the course of the inventory, I discovered there were quite a few shows where

Dierker Mgr2

Larry Dierker

the original audio files were missing; only the scripts remained. Larry still owns the rights to all of the BBLib shows, and he offered to let me post them on THC.

Larry is pretty busy these days with the Trappers book and moving into a new house, so I volunteered to rerecord these “lost” episodes. Right after New Year’s, I will begin posting a few of these BBLib shows, and we’ll see how it goes. It should add a fun, new dimension to The Haught Corner.

See you January 1 — and thanks again!