Baseball Library: The Lost Episodes

During his years as an Astros broadcaster, Larry Dierker wrote and recorded hundreds of shows in the “Larry Dierker’s Baseball Library” series.

I had a chance to do a complete inventory of the series, and I noticed that the original audio files were missing from quite a few shows. I offered to rerecord them, and Larry graciously granted permission to post them here.

The shows are generally three to four minutes long, and they are well-written and fun.


Jim Palmer defeats Sandy Koufax in the World Series 10/6/66

Blame Hugh Casey, not Mickey Owen 10/5/41

Indians win AL pennant in playoff 10/4/48

Bobby Thomson nails the Dodgers 5-4 10/3/51

Sam Rice’s 1925 World Series catch

Yaz wins Triple Crown; Red Sox win AL pennant 10/1/67

Roberto Clemente’s 3,000th hit 9/30/72

Stan Musial gets two hits in his final game 9/29/63

Ted Williams hits HR in final AB 9/28/60

Last game at Colt Stadium 9/27/64

Stottlemyre gets five hits, pitches shutout 9/26/64

Ryan defeats Giants to set up clinch 9/24/86

Larry Dierker’s MLB debut 9/22/64

Double shutout for the Dean brothers 9/21/34

Darrell Evans hits HR #400 9/20/88

1916 Giants: winning streaks but no pennant

Jim Bottomley drives in 12 9/16/24

Carlton Ks 19 Mets, loses 4-3 9/15/69

Dodgers train crash 9/14/45

Tom Cheney strikes out 21 Orioles 9/12/62

Three Alous for the Giants 9/10/63

Gullickson Ks 18 Cubs 9/9/80

Miracle Braves zoom past the Giants 😦 9/8/1914

Howard Ehmke’s ugly no-hitter 9/7/23

J.R. Richard throws ninth consecutive complete game 9/6/79

Ted Williams hits HR off father and son 9/2/60

Mizell pitches nine-walk shutout 9/1/58

Sandy Koufax Ks 18 Giants 8/31/59

ElRoy Face wins 17th consecutive game 8/30/59

Al Oliver gets 21 total bases in a doubleheader 8/17/80

Ray Chapman dies after HBP

Astros 3, Padres 1 — in 20 innings 8/15/80

Bob Gibson’s no-hitter 8/14/71

Lou Brock gets hit #3,000 8/14/79

Art Shamsky hits four consecutive HR 8/9-12/66

Jim Bunning wins 100 games in each league 8/11/70

Dave Dravecky comes back 8/10/89

The incomparable Josh Gibson

White Sox wear shorts 8/8/76

Satchel Paige shuts out the Tigers 1-0 in 12 8/7/52

Rangers slam Orioles 13-11 8/6/86

Amputee Bert Shepard pitches in MLB 8/4/45

Astros give up 14 runs, 16 hits in first inning 8/3/89

MacPhail tries yellow baseballs 8/2/38

Rose hitting streak ends 8/1/78

Tigers hit 4 HR in first inning 7/29/74

Nolan Ryan wins 200th game 7/27/82

Minor-league Oddities 7/26/54

Maris hits four HR in DH sweep 7/25/61

Bobby Bonds wins ASG MVP on Barry’s 9th birthday 7/24/73

“Swish” Nicholson rips away 7/23/44

Wes Ferrell GW HR 7/22/35

Henry Chadwick, Father of Baseball

Giants trade Christy Mathewson to Reds 7/20/1916

Luis Tiant’s debut 7/19/64

Don Mattingly ties HR record 7/18/1987

Jim Kaat makes three errors 7/17/69

John McGraw takes over the Giants 7/16/1902

Brooks Robinson hits for the cycle 7/15/60

Tony Perez wins the All-Star Game 7/11/67

Chuck Klein hits 4 HR in game 7/10/36

Larry Dierker’s no-hitter 7/9/76

First night game 7/8/1909

Lynn hits grand slam in 1983 All-Star Game 7/6/83

Jimmy Wynn homers, walks; Astros defeat Mets 7/5/69

Yankee Doodle dandies

Luis Tiant strikes out 19 Twins 7/3/68

Carl Hubbell pitches 18 shutout innings 7/2/33

Bob Feller’s third no-hitter 7/1/51

Pirates sweep Cubs to close out Forbes Field 6/28/70

Bob Gibson throws fifth consecutive shutout 6/26/68

Trappers’ winning streak begins 6/25/87

Strange trades

Ernie Shore relief perfecto 6/23/17

Blackwell’s near-miss 6/22/47

First match game of baseball? 6/19/1846

Don Wilson no-hitter 6/18/67

Joe Cronin hits two pinch-hit home runs 6/17/43

Ed Delahanty gets six hits 6/16/1894

Astros-Pirates rained in at the Astrodome 6/15/76

Jim Maloney no-hits the Mets 6/14/65

Christy Mathewson no-hits the Cubs 6/13/1905

Baseball Hall of Fame opens 6/13/39

Johnny Vander Meer’s first no-hitter 6/11/38

Victory Faust

Sandy Koufax no-hitter #3 6/4/64

Dennis Eckersley’s hitless-innings streak ends 6/3/77

Gnats at Comiskey Park 6/2/59

Nolan Ryan’s fourth no-hitter 6/1/75

Giants and Mets play a loooong doubleheader 5/31/64

Dennis Eckersley’s no-hitter 5/30/77

Giants win 17th Consecutive Road Game 5/29/1916

Dale Long’s HR streak 5/28/56

Willie Stargell’s Big Day 5/22/68

Branch Rickey and the Farm System

Fire at the ballpark in Boston 5/14/1894

Robin Roberts retires 27 consecutive Reds 5/13/61

Sandy Koufax no-hits the Giants 5/11/63

Bench hits three HR off Carlton 5/10/73

Jim Gentile hits two grand slams 5/9/61

Ernie Lombardi 4 doubles in one game 5/8/35

Roy Campanella Night 5/7/59

Preacher Roe throws one pitch, wins 5/5/46

Mays hits HR 512, passes Ott 5/4/66

Fergie Jenkins gets 100th AL win 5/3/80

Stan Musial’s big doubleheader 5/2/54

Jim Maloney and Don Wilson back-to-back no-hitters 1969

Roger Metzger’s scary injury in BP 4/29/74

Warren Spahn’s no-hitter 4/28/61

Nolan Ryan’s “almost” no-hitter 4/27/88

Reds’ Willard Schmidt gets KO 4/26/59

Van Atta’s overshadowed debut 4/25/33

Willie Mays hits 511th HR, ties Mel Ott 4/24/66

Claude Osteen shuts out the Braves 4-22-74

Braves 13-0 to begin 1982 season

Gavvy Cravath’s final HR 4/20/20

First game at Wrigley Field 4/19/16

First game on AstroTurf 4/18/66

Jackie Robinson’s first hit 4/17/47

Mets and Astros go 24 innings 4/15/1968

President Taft’s first pitch 4/15/1910

Langston/Witt no-hitter 4/11/1990

First MLB game on TV

A Hall of a good idea?

Early Wynn does it all

Hired to be Fired

Riverfront Stadium Opens