Time to go, Larry

BaerSan Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer was recently involved in a public altercation with his wife, Pam. TMZ has published a video of part of the incident, where Baer attempts to regain possession of his cell phone from his wife. Apparently there was a lengthy verbal disagreement — about a family member, Baer said — that led to a struggle for possession of the phone. Pam Baer ended up on the ground, calling for help.

Whether she fell because of a foot injury (as she claimed) or was pushed, the whole thing is inexcusable. It should not have happened, period.

And Larry, you are, or should be, on zero-tolerance with this. I don’t want someone with those kinds of issues and poor judgment to be the “leader” and public face of an organization I have supported for many years — one that has always stood for progressive leadership and inclusion.

I’m embarrassed to be a Giants fan today, and will continue to be so until or unless steps are taken to remove Larry Baer from office. I don’t care what the “real story” is, or the sanitized version: this is bullshit and needs to stop immediately.