In Appreciation

This section will focus primarily on my favorite players, coaches, and managers. They do not have to be (and in most cases, aren’t) superstars. But there are many people who were impressive to me in their own way — playing, building a team, writing or talking about baseball — and they deserve recognition.

Each subject must be someone I followed or was impressed by in some way or another. It is by no means a comprehensive list; there are many great “baseball people” who are not part of this discussion. I mean no slight to them, and am grateful to all of them for their contributions to the game.

This list will be Reds-centric, because the 1960s-1980s Reds were the teams I knew best and taught me the most about baseball. But there will be plenty of other organizations represented too. And there is one special person who made all of this possible; he will be the first and most-important part of this series.

A friend once said that you shouldn’t have anything in your house that doesn’t make you smile when you walk through the door. Well, each of these people still makes me smile, all these years later. I hope they do the same for you.

Paul Moskau remembers Tom Seaver

Gary Nolan

Darrel Chaney

George Foster’s 1977 MVP season

Hal King

Jeff Terpko

Jim Kern’s 1979 season

Kim Nuxhall: Working miracles, one day at a time

Mike Bacsik

Ron Wotus

Wayne Granger